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        Classic, discreet, timeless, with a twist! Two pairs of eyes focused second by second on your wedding. Artistic and outside the box - this is Aga's perspective, classic, but with unique sensitivity - this is the way Karol photographs. Do you need to let off steam during the arrangements? We'd love to tell you about our favourite TV series on Netflix, we'll exchange culinary experiences or recommend an interesting book. We love to shorten the distance and work as if among good friends. It helps to create photographs which in a few years will become priceless to you. We are well aware how many decisions you have to make before you become husband and wife. Let the one concerning the photographer be one of the easiest.




        Engagement session


        Story album


        Story album x 3

        500 PLN

        It is probably the best way to get to know our style and us, as well. Engagement session helps our pairs to overcome fear of posing and behave in a natural way in front of the camera on their wedding day. Photos from the engagement session can be used to decorate the reception hall or as a present for your parents. We can guarantee that in the course of the years they will become a priceless souvenir in your family archive. The session lasts about two hours and will result in about 50 digital photographs.

        600 PLN

        A beautifully bound album, where we will unfold your story on 30 pages.
        Photographing the reportage we know, which frames will work best when designing the album. The finished album is the direct result of our work together. A collection of photographs, from which you will choose the ones for the album, includes our suggestions. The whole design process is integrated with the webpage, which we will prepare for you after we sign the contract. We will present to you the complete offer of albums during the meeting or on Skype.

        1500 PLN

        Three albums prepared from the same project. In case you would like to order additional albums, apart from the one which is included in the price of the reportage, the price of two more albums is 1000PLN.

        The creative process behind our photographs

        Before the magic begins

        We meet a few months before the wedding and we talk a lot. We prefer meeting over a cup of coffee, but Skype is an option as well. You will ask us a lot of questions, we will ask you a lot questions, too. You will tell us about your expectations and so will we. We do our best to lead the conversation in such a way that it isn’t just a simple exchange of information. We strive to get to know you as well we can, because only then will we be able to show in our photographs the most important thing – your love.

        To make the magic happen…

        We need a plan, we need you to consider us in this plan. A list of guests you would like to have portraits with during the reception handed over to your best man or bridesmaid will facilitate this more formal part of our work – portraits with guests. 15 minutes before the ceremony and 20 minutes at sunset- away from everything and everyone – will enable us to do portraits and take a few more intimate shots

        When the magic is happening…

        …then we are very curious and patient. Sometimes we come very close and sometimes we hide to take pictures. We use everything that surrounds you to make the story that we tell most true. And you?…. you will be part of this creative process and it would be best if you could simply forget that we are with you. Enjoy your wedding day, let us take care of the rest.


        sitting over a piece of paper to write a letter to your beloved one. You want to thank them for who they are to you and express your true feelings for them. They will write something for you as well. On your wedding day, before the ceremony starts, move away from the hustle and bustle for a while to exchange letters. Let their content be your secret way of sealing what is about to happen… this is more or less what the script of your wedding looks like in our heads. If you only let us enter your world for a second, we will be happy to share our sensitivity with you to capture the smallest detail of these unique moments.


        When do we foot the bill?

        Our budget is lower...

        How many hours does your work include on the wedding day?

        Do we have to pay extra for your transport?

        What does the documentation package include?

        What does your work on the photos after the wedding look like?

        What is the difference between the open-air bride and groom portrait session on a different day from the one on the wedding day?


        Upon signing the contract, you are asked for a down payment of 900PLN, the remaining amount is to be paid within 7 days following the assignment completion.

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